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A Little Lady 

A mighty



With our vision in mind, we have created a year-round program that will transform every girl into a little lady destined for success. Each day starts with a social skills lesson from the A Little Lady Handbook, and is followed by a hands-on activity for deeper understanding. Our extracurricular activities are not only lots of fun, but also build poise, grit, and healthy habits. And don't forget our monthly field trips, which give the girls the chance to put their social skills to practice in the real world! Using this method, every year we will graduate a class of little ladies who understand how to use social skills to reach their dreams!

As an elementary school teacher, I often find a huge problem with youth in our communities: they are not being prepared for success. Many of them are insecure, vulgar, and uninformed; traits that often lead to failure. So, I sought to help create a solution to the problem. The Little Lady after school and summer programs are created to give students a chance to focus on the lessons they need, but don't get to learn in school: social skills, confidence, and character! Our vision is to create spaces where all children are able to prepare to reach their dreams!