There Are Three Ways You Can Give 


We want to give our girls the best; we want them to experience all of the fabulous and amazing things that life has to offer. So we are always in need of monetary donations so that we can afford to give our girls the absolute best. Our budget for each girl always includes her meals, trips, and attire for every moment that they are in our care. Here's a break down of costs:

         $75 pays for one month for one girl!

         $675 pay for an entire year for one girl!

         You can choose a girl to sponsor or let us          choose for you!


         You can sponsor a girl just a little at a              time with payments of $75 at a time

         Payments of any amount -- big or small --          are greatly appreciated! Every penny                goes toward helping a girl get fully                    sponsored!

To sponsor a girl please submit a payment of $75 or higher via our pay pal link below! If you have a specific girl whom you're sponsoring don't forget to include her name in your submission!

To donate any other amount to help our girls, submit your desired amount via our GoFundMe Link:



4202 Liberty Rd.

Houston, Texas 77026



Sponsor A Little Lady
Name of Sponsored Little Lady

We want to give our girls a well-rounded view of the world. So we are always looking for volunteers to lead workshops! Our goal is to have at least one visitor per month come in and lead a hands-on workshop about something new! The girls are always interested in new topics. Some of our lovely volunteers, in the past, have lead workshops on:

       Fitness with Work Out Sessions!

       Goal-Setting with Vision Boards!

       Posture with Modeling Lessons!

       Fashion with Sewing Lessons!

       Grit with Cheerleading Workshops!

If you'd like to lead a one-time workshop or a recurring set of workshops, please fill out the email form below and submit with the subject: "LEAD A WORKSHOP!". Or shoot us an email at



A Little Lady 

We want to make sure our girls have everything they need in order to have a successful year and in order to prepare for a successful life. So we are always in need of supplies. We supply our girls with everything they need for the program from meals, to attire. Here is a list of the things we still need for Dogan Little Lady 2017-2018:

         Daily Snacks

         Dance leotards

         Convertible dance tights


         Ballet shoes

         Dance bags

         Athletic Shorts


         Toiletries especially baby wipes,                      deoderant, soap, shampoo, bobby pins,            hair ties, hair gel, tooth brushes, small              toiletry bags

To donate any resources please fill in the email form and submit with the subject: "DONATE RESOURCES!". Or shoot us an email at